Rick's Journal

Friday, February 10, 2006

February Thaw

Alright, I don't have time to put more photos up on this entry, but I wanted to write a quick note before I head up to Tahoe in California for a winter survival skills class up there I am leading. I am almost finished packing for the trip, and packing always make me excited for the adventure! Make no mistake, it does come down to work, and making sure that everyone really learns to take care of their business when it comes to survival in the wilderness!

I am proud of my winter intensive students, who, last month, made it through their trek,despite heavy rains in January. This would have broken the spirit of lesser students, because it can be so miserable and uncomfortable! But they found a way to enjoy it and stay positive and upbeat. All of these are important keys to survival, too.

I have been changing my whole approach and feeling about my work here as the executive director and leader of Hawk Circle. I just feel very strange, at times, even a bit detached and distant, to the idea of the whole thing. This isn't to say I am any less passionate about my work here and my co-workers and our community. Far from it! But I guess I am changing the internal reasons that I originally had for starting this place, and for getting us to this point. And I think that this has been needing to happen in order for us to grow and take the next step in our development as an organization.

I know that we needed to change, too, because I have been needing to let go of trying to do everything here. In the past week, I have worked on a postcard to be mailed to our entire mailing list, worked with a media planner, made some small changes to our website, helped Luke with developing the paperwork for this summer's campers, finished a grant proposal for a new database, completed our second E-newsletter and mailed it to everyone on our list, as well as many other details, letters, phone calls and other meetings. Whew! It makes me tired just thinking about it! It has been so good having Barry and Luke here to help me in this transition, and all of the students who are living here and practicing skills and keeping things light and fun.

I will write more and let you know how the program went up in Tahoe. The mountains are calling me, and it will be good to visit my home state, too, just for a little while. Mmmm, I can almost taste the enchiladas! Yeah, baby!